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+1 vote
It would seem that the authentication routine has to be re-rerun every time I switch from one device (or one browser) to another. If I stay in the same browser it stays authenticated for however long, but the instant I use my mobile, another PC or even another browser (IE11 from Chrome for example) PGC has to re-authenticate. Then the instant I switch back to the previous browser it go again.

I believe the token can cope with multiple links as other authenticators cope fine. It is just Project-GC that has to get a new one. Can this be remedied please?
in Bug reports by Pprime (P`) (210 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

Think project-gc is still handling the issues with the new API.

As there are these authenticators issues also on the site (as you mentioned), project-gc perhaps wait until has fixed there issues.

Have the same problem using project-gc and also have the same issues with firefox, chrome on my deviced getting into

We all like single sugn on and authenticators only once - but we all like security (with our username, pw and account). Think they are just try to get this as useful as possible.

==> think we have to wait

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)