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how do you think about removing favoritpoints

+2 votes
I would like you to tell your opinin about removing favoritpoints from Caches that are gone.

I am not quit sure, if I shall do this. But when I will get inspired by the Lists, of Caches that have many Favoritpoints, I ask myself: why should I leave allready the Favoritpoint at a Cache that does not longer exist.

On the other side, the Cacheowner did something realy good, when he made all the work to manage the Geocache.... In fact someone damaged it so hard, that an maintanance is not longer possible, or the lokation is not longer in the shape to play the game there - that is not the fault of the Cacheowner and the honor, that is brought with the favoritpoints is the only honor that is possible.

Pleas dont get angry about this, because remember: It is "only" a game, that we all play together....

Best whises and all the best from glastiger
asked May 2 in Miscellaneous by glastiger_and_family (400 points)

13 Answers

+4 votes
We have awarded 500+ favourite points over the last 5 years and we have never taken any away at all, whether a cache has been archived or not. Once awarded, we leave the favourite point with that cache, because we think it deserved it when we awarded it, and despite circumstances which may affect its survival, we believe it should keep our awarded point at least!
answered May 2 by GCZ Team (16,440 points)
+3 votes
I do zhe same as GCZ Team. Once awarded the FP stays to the cache. At the moment I did it, the FP was a way to say thanks. That doesn't change only that the cache is archieved

And perhaps someone will try to get an archieved cache reactivated due to the FP.

So I let them in the Cache.
answered May 2 by supertwinfan (5,880 points)
0 votes
We always leave the FP with the cache, even if it is archived. However, I have withdrawn a few FPs in early caches, since we have developed ourselves, when we had more experience. In the early days of the hobby, we still found things good that we later normal. But now, we leave the FP with the cache
answered May 2 by Team Grautvornix (700 points)
+1 vote
For my part, I do not remove favourites points that I attributed to a cache because it is archived. As you said, if I attributed a FP to a cache, this is because the owner did a great job and I don't know why I should remove my FP
answered May 3 by SquallLeonhart (730 points)
0 votes
Same answer as most of the other answers: when I give a favorite Point it shall stay with the cache even after archiving.
answered May 5 by H_M_A (1,640 points)
0 votes
If you really want to remove a favorite Point from any cache you had given the FP before you are free to do so - even when this cache is already archived. It should work.
answered May 5 by H_M_A (1,640 points)
0 votes
Owners who have withdrawn from this hobby and their caches have been archived.
These points have become worthless to everyone.
I took this FP back to give these caches to other caches.

Owner die sich aus diesem Hobby zurückgezogen haben und ihre Caches archiviert wurden.
Diese Punkte sind wertlos für alle geworden.
Diese FP habe ich zurück genommen, um andere Caches diese Punkte zu geben.
answered May 5 by Minos2003 (4,700 points)
How do you know a owner have withdrawn from this hobby for sure? He could be just spending less time creating nice caches for ungrateful group of cachers that broke his previous caches.
Or they may have had other reasons to withdraw the cache, without withdrawing from geocaching. I've seen it a couple of times with my own caches: when one of my caches was archived, some people would withdraw their favourite points given to that cache. To me it feels a bit like being robbed from well-earned favourite points. Like the cache that once was and was received well now is in oblivion.
0 votes
Personally I cant see the point (pun unintended) of removing favorite points. I left a FP for the experience I had when I found that cache, anything that happens after that point is irrelevant to my experience of that cache. FP's are used for challenge caches, badge stats and whatever else. They arent that hard to earn, and TBH I tend to earn them at a somewhat faster rate than I can genuinely give them out (currently 351 days into a find streak, so there's a lot of drive-by's earning me FP's I havent had the need to use).

Personally, I would rather FP's be locked in once give (or maybe 24 afters after given, just in case mistakes are made).
answered May 6 by BFMC (2,530 points)
0 votes
I don't remove FPs that I have given out. The FP is as much a reward for the CO as for the specific cache.
answered May 7 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (123,170 points)
+3 votes
I've had a favorite point removed from an archived cache during the last cache carnival, guess they were running low on favorites to give out to friends or something. I've never removed a favorite and don't plan to, if the cache was deserving then it shouldn't be penalized for being archived, the owner can still see the stats and it affects their FP badge on PGC.
answered May 8 by Mike Fitz (4,380 points)
0 votes
I think you have to left there, domě owners care about their archived caches.
answered May 10 by Ficule (830 points)
0 votes
I do the same as most of the others. Once I give a favourite point I do not remove it - as already mentioned there was a good reason for that at that time which does not disappear. Owners should be able to rely on FP once received and even apparently retired owners may get back to geocaching one day, and then should be able to continue.
answered May 14 by Domino_67 (5,660 points)
0 votes
I give FP because I like this cache in this moment. Later if it will be archived I don't remove it, because the cache was good in that pass live.
answered 18 minutes ago by Ariberna (710 points)