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in Support and help by @ntonin (260 points)

I had too this problem, but after few months I ve get them.

2 Answers

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The PGC Points are awarded for (quoting from )

To my understanding, putting the stats to your profile is not enough. PGC does not have any sensible way how to check that. But if you put the stats there and you or somebody else will use it from there (load your profile page, click through that to PGC), the "usage" part will be fulfilled and you will get some PGC points. But note that this might not be immediate action and the points might be added daily or in longer intervals.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
selected by @ntonin
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As jakuje alteady mentioned.

It is not enough to put it your profile.

There have to be several visits (don't know how many visits). to get points. But it is not only one visit. So it might take 10 or more different!! visits by different users to get points.

 And it takes days to see them within yout PGC points.
by supertwinfan (18.0k points)