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+8 votes
Currenlty it seems 'countries' in the Maps tab are sorted on most finds in a 'region', rather then on total finds per country ... It seems more logical to sort on total finds per country.

Example : I found 327 caches in Germany (from which 98 in region Rheinland-Pfalz) and I only found 188 caches in the UK (from which 187 were in the Sout East England region), so the UK is currently listed before Germany on this tab.
in Feature requests by destroj007 (960 points)
So *that's* how the order of maps is determined.  

Although it seems that this sort is not 100% accurate either.  For some reason Jersey is at the bottom of my list, even though I have two finds in one of the regions there - which would put it a few positions higher on the list.

4 Answers

+1 vote
First of all, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Because of the replies in this question, I finally found some logic in the order of countries as shown on the Maps tab. I always thought them to be quite random.

As I have 'collected' 75 countries so far, I wanted to share some of my findings regarding this topic. First of all, the general order seems to be:

- Your own country

- Continent maps

- Individual country maps (only if they have subregions (states/provinces) defined on PGC)

I can't find any logic in the order of continents: it is not alphabetical, not based on the country with the most finds, not based on the total number of countries and also not based on the percentage of found countries. If anyone finds any logic, the current order of continents on my profile is:

Europe (35/55), North America (13/42), Africa (5/53), Asia (13/54), Oceania (7/23)

(For those doing the math: this indeed doesn't add up to 75, this is because some countries are not included in any continent for some reason (already sent a bug report about this some time ago). Also, Russia and Turkey are included in both Europe and Asia)

For the individual countries, the order is indeed as you describe (based on the highest number of finds in a region), but there is an exception to this, like hzoi mentioned as well. For me, one country (San Marino) ends up at the bottom of the list for some reason while it shouldn't be there based on the previous theory. My idea is that this might be because, if I recall correctly, the subregions for both San Marino and Jersey were determined quite recent so it might be that they end up at the bottom of the list for that reason.

Would be nice to get any of this confirmed by a moderator.
by Pihoqahiak (3.0k points)
0 votes
I think what you mean is not the order the countries are listed under the World/Europe map, it's the way the individual country maps are listed, is that correct?

I just checked your profile maps tab and it seems the individual maps are listed by the number of finds in the region with most finds. I also found this to be the case with my own maps list.

Maybe someone with "behind the scenes"-priveliges can confirm this and maybe comment on why it is that way? It would seem more logical to have them ordered by total finds, at least to me.
by Chrysafenios (1.3k points)
0 votes
I can add two observations:

1) Jersey is also last in my maps, but that seems to be due to the fact that for Jersey no regions are defined but counties, so it’s not the same as with the other countries which are first divided into regions.

2) Also in my case the continent maps are following the order Europe - North America - Africa - Asia, but in my case this coincides with the order of the country with the most finds in a continent, with the exception of Africa – but there the Canary Islands behave oddly in a number of respects, as I have pointed out in another thread (
by k+gw+a (11.8k points)
–1 vote
I do not observe that. For me, the sorting is truly per the total finds per country. I have 4889 finds in Switzerland, 1500 of which are in the canton of Zürich, and Switzerland is listed in front of Germany correctly (4129 total, 2199 of which in Baden-Württemberg).
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)