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Is it possible to create a ranking to show collected Favouritpoints per founded Cache?

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e.g. I have found 1000 caches with a total of 7000 FP. I then collected 7 FP per founded cache.
asked May 28, 2019 in Feature requests by FredFredsen (130 points)
The closest is probably the following stat and it should not be very complicated to modify it to show the average rather than only sum:
But the average gives huge benefit to the cachers with just a few well-rated caches against the one who caches frequently everywhere so I do not think this would be very informative and something to boast with.
If you takethe average I think it's much more meanigfull than the simple summation of Points! Of course you need conditions like a minimum find number of 1000 Caches e.g. ...

Do you want more stadistics???

no more... better!

1 Answer

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Does this not happen at the bottom of your 'Caches with the most favourite points' stats box 
On mine after it has listed the top 10 caches with most favourite points that I have found it says :- 
A total of 224,482 favourite points found (average: 10.18)

This seems to be what you have asked for and is already there - obviously this is a personal statistic which is fine - though if you are after a ranking table - not quite sure as to the purpose of that 

answered Jan 9 by Deepdiggingmole (6,630 points)
Yes you're right. But a ranking would be a nice thing.