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0 votes
I have a Garmin 750t. I downloaded a GPX file from Project-GC and added it to the Garmin. After starting up the Garmin it crashes. What is the cause of this and can it be resolved? GPX files from are working perfectly.


in Support and help by Team_Webbler (220 points)

2 Answers

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Never heard about this.

Have you tried it with only one cache in the gpx? So you can check if the gpx file created by project-gc has the problen and not the interface itself.

Perhaps try it with different amount of caches in the gpx file.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
selected by Team_Webbler

Tried it with one cache and it worked fine. Tried it with 31 caches and it worked also fine. Used the standard settings. Looks like the problem is gone. Verry happy that I can use the VGPS now :-)
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Hi Marcel,

in the past I also had sometimes problems with the gpx import. If you are using BaseCamp you can import that gpx and afterwards export them. So the gpx file is written with another tool and possibly gpx file version. Another good tool is RouteConverter which can translate waypoints and geocaches between different file formats.

If you transfer the complete gpx cache collection with e.g. an Explorer to the GPS file system you can later delete the full collection with one command.

Greetings Achim
by AchWas-HN (440 points)