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+3 votes

It would be useful to add Cache Owner to standard filters of Find Stats.

(Currently we have Cache Type / Size / Diff / Terr, From-To Log Date and Bookmark list.)

in Feature requests by Rikitan (3.5k points)
Hi Rikitan,

it seems, that there are a few problems with some of your challenge checkers. Could you please visit the following post:

Thanks :)

2 Answers

0 votes

Maybe checker

Caches from X different owners by alarobric

can be develop for that purpose.

I have ask him to extent is to 

X Caches from X different owners

Which he will do. The challenges I came across more on x caches - type or x caches - on size

by vogelbird (Expert) (53.6k points)
0 votes
Hallo Rikitan

I have come across some challenges where your checkers needed to have the restriction of different owners.
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.6k points)