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Project-GC lists 9 regions for Vietnam, but in reality there is only 8 regions.

Link that shows a list of all regions:

Sông Đáy is not a real region and should be removed.
Link that shows Sông Đáy region, and clearly shows that this is not a real region:ông+Đáy

Here is a Wikipedia article listing all the regions:

All the other 8 regions listed on PGC is correct.

How can we get it removed?

in Bug reports by 0250 (270 points)
That is interesting, such a tiny sliver of the country.

1 Answer

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We would love to update Vietnam. But to update it we need the data to exist in Openstreetmap. As it is today, there are no such administrative borders created there.

This site is useful to browser OSMs borders, . Their level 4 fits our "county" polygons, but we would need a level that's matching those 8 regions to be able to import the data.

by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
selected by 0250
But you don't need to update anything else, just remove the faulty one, since that region does not exist in real life, have you looked at the map? its only a few square meters that have been added as a region.
Are you not able to just hide or delete it from you data? You do not need to update the other regions in any way to fix this.

If you would just delete/hide that region from your data everything would be perfect.

As you can see, the faulty region does not even have any counties in your database, so removing it from your database will not affect the county polygons that you are mapping from OSM.
I see, I missed that detail. We are now working on removing it.

It's a bit tricky though, because this is very old legacy code that hasn't been used for years. Seems like we got a hang of it now though. Will take a few hours for the region to disappear from the system.