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One of the caches I have found is the puzzle cache HI EPE (GC3895) (  The cache is located in Georgia, about an hour away from my house, but the posted coordinates are located half a world away, in the southern Indian Ocean (a fact that is integral to the puzzle).  I have listed the correct coordinates in the personal cache note space on the cache page and have entered the corrected coordinates on the cache page. Nevertheless, in the "Some Numbers" section of my profile states generated by Project-GC, this cache continues to be listed as my furthest cache found, the most eastern & southerly cache found and the cache with the lowest elevation (14,665 ft below sea level).  It should not be any of those cache extremes.  GSAK allows me to exclude this cache from consideration in determining cache extremes, but if Project_GC has a similar capability, I haven't been able to find it.   I have used Self Support to refresh corrected coordinates, to refresh this particular cache and to refresh all my finds, all to no effect.  How do I fix this?

in Support and help by Ga Mountaineer (270 points)

2 Answers

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That cache is included on the bookmark list which means that both and Project-GC will exclude it from statistics by default. On Project-GC, you can change this with a setting at Statistics -> Profile Statistics -> Settings (as you have apparently done, since the cache is included in your stats).

by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (170k points)
selected by Ga Mountaineer
Thank you.  That was the solution I was missing.
OK, that worked on Project-GC.  However, when I copied the HTML dynamic code over to my profile on, it no longer excluded HI EPE and it again skewed, my distance related stats.
That should be fixed the next time your stats refresh, I think.
Thank you very much
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Looks to me the anchor is placed on the antipode on purpose ;-) However, it is still the anchor that is relevant for the distance etc so indeed, if you do not like that, you will have to exclude this one form your stats. Unfortunately I am not aware of that functionality in P-GC, and have not been able to find it.
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)