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+6 votes
I have recently created my own personal challenge that as I have mentioned to several other cachers they found interesting except they were not willing to do the work required to track the stat themselves.

Project GC Has all this data - just a matter of presenting it and creating some search functionality for it, likely using existing database functionality.

The goal would be to find caches placed on as many unique dates as possible. So January 1, 2019 would be unique from January 2, 2019 as well as unique from January 1, 2018 and January 1, 2001.

I currently have finds on something like 3540 unique hide dates out of a possible 6846 total findable days since 5/11/2000 when Mingo was hidden. By my calculation there are 171 days since then with no active caches and I dont count those, (but some will have found caches placed on days with now archived caches...)

Seems like a good scoreboard type stat - how many unique placed dates you have and your ranking against cachers for that stat.

This would also add all kinds of unique placed date type challenge caches for people to work towards - find caches placed on XXX unique days, find YYY caches hidden on unique days before 2010, find ZZZ consecutive placed days (my highest is currently at 32 - and I have two streaks that long - better believe the two unique dates at the beginning and end of those streaks have been identified and targeted). Find 10 caches that are the only remaining cache for that unique hidden date... etc etc

Once you start tracking the data this would make for a useful search functionality as you plot trips or look for nearby caches to work towards a goal of extending a streak or placed dates that may not be near your home. Not all unlike existing searches for D/T, Jasmer, and calendar dates.
in Feature requests by diorex (580 points)
It sounds like what you want, stated simply, is how many days did you find a cache.  I have a Excel spreadsheet to keep track of many different statistics and this is one of them.  I know I reached 1,000 days on which I found a cache about a year ago.  I track that next to finds by calendar day and a third date related stat. Good luck on your effort to get it included in automated statistics displays, it would be a good addition.

2 Answers

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It's not quite what you want, but a long time ago I made a not-really-a-checker to show this: (no search, though).

by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (176k points)
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Maybe you could run the "Map hidden date" tool, add the results to Virtual GPS and then do a "Map Compare" to specify the exact Date Range like 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2018 ?
by fankido (2.4k points)
There are 8000+ days available. Looking for them one by one is time consuming and the database has all the necessary information to present this nicely as an additional piece of data, search functionality, and as a challenge generator. Just needs to be added.

I actually get this data totally separately for my own uses and it has become my preferred targeting method since doing so - others simply were not willing to jump through the data manipulation but found it interesting so I figured if I have spoken to several people about it all of whom were interested, then others might be intrigued as well...

Anyone who wants to know how to get the data and track for their own account can ping me and I will share my methodology.