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+2 votes

The reason for asking is that some challenges have a two part constraints

For instanceGC4NWGP - 100 ? within 100 ? challenge

1Find an Unknown/Mystery cache each day for 100 days in a row.

2.On any one of those 100 days, find 100 Unknown/Mystery caches.

item 1) is a streak and item 2) is a quantity

I issued this one with two checker

Part one : Generic streak checker (by Target.)             

  •                  With a Tag comment: Find a Mystery (Unknown) cache for 100 straight days.
  •                                                        <<<< WARNING >>>> This is part ONE of the checker.
  • Part two : Types checker .. with list of caches (by Rikitan)
  •                  Tag comment: Find a Mystery (Unknown) caches in ONE day.
  •                  <<<< WARNING >>>> This is part TWO of the checker.
  •                  Please check if the date shown is in part ONE. If not you will have to add this part manually.


Another example is when there are different constraints for local inhabitants.

In this case two similar checkers are issued

One for the locals with their county, region or country excluded and one for the rest of the cacher who are allowed to have the local content in their result.

in Support and help by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
If the challenge can not be checked with ONE checker, it shall not be tagged. A script and tag that actually does it correct shall be created to avoid consusion, and not least, be compatible with our future plans.

Regarding if they will be removed automatically. No they will not. But there will be a voting system in the future, and checkers that doesn't do what's expected will be downvoted.

Some challenges may have several checkers that actually checks correctly, but gives different output. The idea then is that the better one will get more votes, when that system is implemented.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
OK Ganja , I'm glad I asked and I will removed the flew I've done so far.

A alternative is to tag a checker without a GC code. You could tag checker without a associated cache and add the links from them to the challenge.
Then there is no way to assume a challenge is correct from using pgc alone and will not interfere with the above mentioned future plans
I don't know if this is this is appropriate to do.
I don't see any harm in doing in that way at least.