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+2 votes
Hello, I just now noticed a missing "County Level" region in the "State Level" maps on project gc.

It is a small region, so I hadn't noticed it before.

When I searched using the "Search Counties" tool at the country level, I noticed a red spot where I didn't expect. When I zoomed in I could select Dong-gu on the country level county map.

However, when I use the "Search Counties" tool filtering at the state level, the county disappears and is not selectable. Dong-gu is also not present in the maps tab in my profile stats.

This is a legitimate "County Level" region in Incheon, Korea, but seems to be missing most places.
closed with the note: The bug self corrected after a cache was placed within the region.
in Bug reports by Crazedllama (210 points)
closed by Crazedllama
This 'county' didn't have any caches, so I placed a cache within its boundaries and it seems now that project gc's maps have self corrected.

This bug seems to have solved itself.