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We recently changed our geocaching name after 15,000 finds - which means we now have a lot of geocaches around the world with our former geocaching name on the logsheets.

We thought we read that on project gc we could create a "signature" that would appear at the end of every future cache we log that would say something like "Formerly known as <prior caching name>"

We looked all around our profile, etc and searched the Q&A boards but couldn't find out how to do this or if it is even possible.

Does anyone know and, if so, can you direct us to how to do this?

in Support and help by TeamJanine&Jon (170 points)
I may be wrong but I don't believe this functionality exists in PGC.  I know this can be done with GSAK.  You're question may be better served in the GSAK forum or the Groundspeak forum.
As an unrelated reply, I recommend that in your profile you state that you cached previously under the name xxxx.

I occasionally check my logs and delete logs that do not appear in the cache logbook. If an entry does not appear in the logbook, one of the places I check before deleting the find is the cacher's profile, in case they had changed their name.
And remember the geocaching mantra = always bring a pen!

4 Answers

+1 vote

There are different possibilities to create a log signature and append it automatically to your logs.

The best solution for you depends on the way you like to log your found geocaches.

As others have mentioned there are c:geo (Android App) and GSAK (PC program to log from field notes) that support signatures.

If you prefer logging geocaches by the website I would recommend to look at the user script GC Little Helper:

It comes with a lot of nice features including log signatures.

by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
Thanks. We do log most/almost all of our caches on

We have the Tappermonkey extension on Chrome and now have added the GC Little Helper script. We can see some changes on the geocache pages, but can't find where to add a log signature. Can you help? Thanks again.
+1 vote
I use cachly (Apple only) for this. I can set different templates for different log types (found it, attended, DNF etc etc). I find it works quite well, my standard found it log template has a header and footer and I just type each individual log in the center. Cachly also has macro's (as may the other options, I havent used them) that will automatically insert things like date/time, CO name, Cache type/size, your find count etc.
by BFMC (3.6k points)
0 votes

No, there is no such functionality in Project-GC. There is neither any way how to log caches with PGC. I think for your use case, it would be more suitable to have this information in your public geocaching profile, rather than scattered through the logs. The logs should really be a notes of the find, some information for the cache owner and the future cachers, rather than your signature copied all over again even though many people do that quite happily.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
A customisable signature is possible in some apps, such as c-geo.
–1 vote
I do not know about PGC but a it is easy to add something to your logs. Just go to the profile page and click the little gear. At the bottom of the page you can add a signature.

I also managed to make a signature in de C:GEO app on my phone
by PetjeOp (480 points)
What you describe is a signature in groundspeak forums. It is fortunatelly not copied to all the logs.
We went to our profile page at, went to the little gear icon, and looked for "signature" The only possible signature we can see that we are able to add is FORUM SIGNATURE. Does this add a signature to FORUM posts or to every cache we log? (We want it to be on every geocache we log.)
No, it is only forum signature.