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I tried the search, there is only one entry with no solution, so I ask here, hope that is ok:

I was thinking ob geplacing my whole handling of stats in GSAK with this, would like to go premium to, but one thing really stops me from it, the Found Header saying:

AlKayDee hat 1113 Funde bei 1113 unterschiedlichen Geocaches,

plus 0 Lab-Caches

I never have, and never will do anything with Lab-Caches, and I really don't like this at a prominent spot, especially because it is a zero :-)
Is there any way to get rid of it? Obviously with me downloading the html and delete it anytime.
I checked off the two setting about lab caches.
Thanks for the help,

in Support and help by AlKayDee (150 points)
Actually I agree with AlKayDee - I have found a number of lab caches, but I still do not see any real reason to present negative information. If there are lab caches, say so ("Found 5 labcaches"), if none have been found don't say anything.

The problem is that lab caches are just another cache type, except that they are not. Geocaching has chosen to add them by default, and announce when stats do not include them. PGC has gone the other way - add them by default and announce that they have been included in stats, so stating there are none seems pointless.

1 Answer

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There is no way to remove that part from the header since the lab caches are now part of geocaching as we know it these days and as it is presented by Groundspeak regardless you like it or not.

If you do not like it, you can modify the HTML of your stats rather than fighting against windmills. But I would rather suggest you to go and find some. The new Adventure Labs that are not tied to events are quite interesting concept worth trying (even though the app sucks).

by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
Hi, thanks for the answer, even though I don't see it that way, I have to accept it.

With the same reasom one could argue there should also be named 'WhereIGos' in that line. I never do big events or so, it seems in germany not many lab caches are used/found, and according to the faq in german, it is still experimental. I just do not understand why it has to be shown that prominet in the first lines :-)

Anyways, thanks again, I'll stick to GSAK for now, but keep an eye on project.gc!
I can't see that there's no way to remove that part of the header. Surely some sort of pseudocode along the lines of

IF Lab_cache_finds >0 then
    Print "Plus "&Lab_cache_finds&" lab caches"
    ;do nothing

would be an easy fix. I agree with the OP - as I don't do Lab caches either, I do find it unnecessary.
Feel free to propose this as a feature request if that matters for you too. Most of the other people already have some labs. As for now, there is no way to remove the note from the header and that is the fact. You are not going to change by throwing downvotes around.