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+4 votes
Lately when I export gpx files from my virtual GPS GSAK is having trouble pulling them in.  I have not had a chance to look manually at the underlying XML to know where the issue is.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
in Bug reports by sloth96 (3.7k points)
I've noticed this today, I make my gpx files here and load them into gsak no child waypoints get added, I loaded a pocket query from GC and it worked fine, could somebody check on this as I always make my gpx files here

1 Answer

–1 vote
The code to build XML was last changed in May. I wouldn't consider that "lately", so I suspect something else is happening.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)
ok.  but that is not really helpful.
I'm nor able to say, since when that problem occur, because I shortly changed the tool. And because such lot well known rooms have problems with PGC vgps GPS, I'd suggest the problem in PGC