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A friend mentioned the other day when I was walking her through map compare that the map wasnt displaying. I dismissed it at the time as mine worked fine, but this morning I think I have found the issue she was having.

I put our usernames in, selected the two counties within Victoria (Australia). I get the list of caches every time, but the map will not render if I select the 'one found' option, instead I get white space where the map would normally be.

I tried all different combinations of 'none found' 'one found' and 'both found' and the consistent result was that anytime the 'one found' box was ticked, I got no map. If it wasnt, I got a map, regardless of the state of the other two checkboxes (I didnt touch owned as found as neither of us have an owned as found in this area).

Have tested this on Chrome for windows as well as chrome and safari for iOs, all with the same result.
in Bug reports by BFMC (3.6k points)
Please, share the link which does not work for you.
This is a bug in the MapCompare handling of the apostrophes in the profile names. It creates the following expression `overlayLayers['Only Crack'n'LeeLee found'] = cachesLayer;`, which is invalid in javascript so this needs a fix in the source code from magma1447.
Thanks Jakuje, you did 90% of my work there. I will look into making a fix during the day.

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A fix has now been released. As @Jakuje says it was related to the quotes in the name of one of the users. Sloppy written code. A wonder that none else has reported this during the years.
by magma1447 (Admin) (236k points)
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