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+4 votes
Until very recently, user's Profile Stats "FTF" tab listed ALL caches where FTF was tagged. The tab now only displays Way to 81 (plus other numbers) but the full list has gone.

Why has the full list been removed?

Can the full list be accessed by some other method?
in Bug reports by PlasmaWave (380 points)
I sincerely hope this is a bug, not a permanent removal.
Latest change to the "FTF" tab looks to be a perfect solution ... the first ten and last ten of FTF's are now displayed with an option, located between the two, to click that displays a list all of FTFs.

This quick change by P-GC is most appreciated. Thanks.

4 Answers

+4 votes
Now they changed it again - only first and last couple of FTF is displayed in profile stats by default, and you can click to display them all. I believe this is perfect solution for everyone. Many thanks!
by VelkyBobik (410 points)
+4 votes
On our stats we can now see the first 10 FTFs we achieved and the last 10, with a button inbetween the two lists to display all the rest if required. This is a much better solution! Many thanks!
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
Agreed, this looks a good solution and certainly solves my original concern
+2 votes

I also liked the FTF-List live direct in the Stats @ PGC.

The other possibility is not so nice.

Best regards.
by @MY (280 points)
This is just a matter of taste. If you have couple of FTFs, you like to boast with all of them your stats, but if there is thousands of them, it is no longer practical and can significantly delay the stats page generation and loading times.
Yes - no Problem... i understand

Its only not my taste - becouse i líked to see all FTF‘s.

 Best Regards
Jakuje, if you don't like seeing the list you can disable the module. It should still be an option for those of us that do.
The FTF list does not display D/T and is missing link to log.
+1 vote

Yes, there is a tool FTF list:

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Thanks Jakuje for the quick reply ... problem solved.

I see the link you gave is in the tab/menu - thought I’d looked everywhere.

Very pleased the facility has not been removed.