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+10 votes
in Feature requests by rragan (720 points)

2 Answers

+5 votes

This is actually the plan. Not the least since I, the founder of the site, is a big Challenge collector myself. My goal is to be top 30 in the world. I have manually checked myself once or twice, don't remember my position though.

I'll look into creating this list later today. Shouldn't take more than an hour or so (hopefully).

And as have been stated in comments. Project-GC does distinguish real Challenges from others.


by magma1447 (Admin) (232k points)
I had been wondering about this for a while - great tool :-)
Is is possible to add county as well as region (there are some searches that include that - so hope it is possible)
We have good competition and friendly rivalry in our county so it would be nice to have this function too already supports both region and county?
–1 vote
This might not be able to be 100% accurate. I think the general challenge database looks for unknown type caches with the english word CHALLENGE in the title. Some of these are just puzzles. I know it counts a few on my challenge list on my profile stats.

Edit: Jakuje and others mentioned that there was some cleanup done on this. There's still a few exceptions out there so still not 100% accurate. Appears to be a constant work in progress.

But I do like the idea. You'd have to take it with a grain of salt just like the TOP FTF list.
by OnABoat (890 points)
edited by OnABoat
I thought PGC did an audit and found all the real challenges without the word and non-challenges lacking it.
It seems that Challenges are shown for paying members so I also had the impression which are real challenges, and which only happen to have that word in the title.
PGC already has a database of real-challenges and non-challenges for the course of statistics and for challenge checkers so this is no longer problem.
If some of the caches on your profile show as challenges, please, report them here or here
Perfect. I found a few on the challenge checker map as well that aren't challenges that I can add there.

Thanks for the info.
Instead of looking for challenge in the name, why not look for caches that have challenge checkers in the description.
Not all the challenges have the checker in the description. But when we already have a checker for that cache and the cache tagged so, why to search for it again?