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in Support and help by Hack1of2 (130 points)
Just to clarify, you are asking if each cacher is assigned an ID as opposed to each cache?

3 Answers

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So finally we know what you are asking for (at least we hope) and we got quite a few answers that take the question from different angles. So lets summarize that:

Every geocacher is identified by his ID, which can be unambiguously converted something we can call PR code (similarly to GC code and similarly to the GL codes used in the notification emails -- see later). Additionally, there is also GUID, which does not map quite to anything, but is sometimes shown (as well as for caches).

As already said, you can get your numerical ID from the link to forums. In your case it is 3393592. You can use it in the URL to your profile as this:

You can convert it to the PR code using Geocaching Toolbox (by replacing the generated GC with PR). That results to your PR code PR43P3M. This can be used in the URL shortener as used in the notification emails. In your case this takes you also to your profile or

The last ID is the GUID, which is ugly-long string that is not simple to convert to nor from anything. It is defined by RFC 4122 and the geocaching one looks like version 4, meaning really random or pseudo-random string. In your case it is 0b5c0a4e-e33a-4193-9b4d-65954d42b22d. The URL for your profile looks like this:

Similar IDs exist also for caches. GC codes are well known shortcuts for geocaches, but it is less known that these codes can be converted back to their original IDs. From the notification emails, you can also notice the GL codes, which reference unique logs, but their usefulness is also quite limited to the notification emails (how frequently do you reference particular log?). Similarly when you log caches as drafts, you can notice that drafts have also ids starting with GD, but these are really just for completeness since they disappear after the cache is logged. They do not correspond to the GL codes after the log is completed.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
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Each Geocachers profile link has a unique address. It's not just a number though. Beyond username this is the only unique identifier for a cachers account that I can think of. You can get it by visiting their profile (it wont work visiting your own though). The user profile link is the address followed by the identifier.

For example, yours (assuming your caching name is the same as your name here) is 0b5c0a4e-e33a-4193-9b4d-65954d42b22d

Put the two together and the link to your profile is

by BFMC (3.6k points)
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Yes, but you need to know where to look for it.

Numbers are assigned sequentially. You need to

  1. Go to your profile page on
  2. Hover over the link at the first tab that says "See the Forum Posts for This User"
  3. Read the number in the URL right before your user name,
Yours look like this:
Which makes your number 3393592.
by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
This is better seen using the new style profile page rather than the old