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+9 votes
I'm curious to know how many people have cached on all 7 continents. I'm currently on 6 myself with tentative plans for Antarctica, though not anytime soon. If I make it I'd be interested to know haw select a group of cachers I'd be joining.
in Miscellaneous by BaSHful (390 points)
Unfortunately, this particular stats is not available in PGC. I think it is a good idea to add it.
Sounds for me as a good idea to have. Actual I only have 3.
Nice Idea. I have been on all 5 continents.
You can ask for it. It could be used for some challenge caches, like 3 continents (italy), just type continents on the search bar o fchallenge caches with or without a nation selected...

I think that it will be a nice feature to see it, however i think that only few of all cachers has been visited all continents.

I would love to get these stats included as well!

@Rumreisenden: there are 7 continents defined on (P)GC: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica

@Simãopwr: there are already challenges including continent stats (I have one placed myself).
I like this idea and think this would be an interesting statistic.

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