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+2 votes

I'm aware the word count might differ depending on the counting method used, but PGC displays this log as my shortest log as having 0 words which is clearly wrong. For me this is the only log with this issue, but I wonder what causes it and whether there are other cachers whose stats may actually be affected by this.

in Bug reports by PattuX (190 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

as your log is older than one year it should have been counted.

Had you edited your log?

I would recommend to edit the log.  Means just change or extend  with some more words and save it again. Than check the length again after one day (paying member PGC or 7 days non paying member)
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
I haven't edited it before. I did now, let's see if it updates.
I think the manual edit will not help anything. Automatically picking up this edit can take up to three months. If you know that there is an issue, you should trigger the reload of your logs from self-support, which should fix this.
Thanks for the info, I requested a refresh.
Still displaying as zero. Any chance someone else found a log that has the same bug? Or can an Admin search for other such logs?
It seems fixed now, but not sure what caused it.