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Voting problem

+1 vote
I don't know what the problem is, but I don't can vote on topics in this area. Not either comment any subject. Do I need to fix anything to be able to vote and comment or is something's wrong?
asked Dec 21, 2014 in Bug reports by Silen_ (200 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Funny thing, right after I've sent the post I now can answers and comment topics. But still not able to vote.
answered Dec 21, 2014 by Silen_ (200 points)
Sort of anti-spam procedure maybe :-)
It's correct. A certain amount of points in the QA-system is required.
I could not find any information about these limits around. Is this on purpose?
Not really, but it's a third party software. What feedback it gives when you can't vote I actually don't know, since I have plenty of points. I also think it's a quite minor issue.

If we actually made an active decision to show it or not, I don't know what the choice would be. Both have their advantages.
I could not vote at 120 in my first week as a contributor and I'm allowed now at 130 a week later...