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+3 votes
I discover trackables with the correct date, for example when I have seen them at events.

When I visit discover-page, the form remembers the last discover date. This way I can log the TBs of the event from December 10th individually, then those from the event on December 14th and then those from yesterday on December 19th.

Project-GC's Discover Tool always shows the current date in the form (today December 20). Here I would like a possibility (checkbox) for "use the last log date".

I especially like to log coins by owner individually - because some coin collections are very expensive and deserve an individual log.
E.g. "Thanks Peter for showing your coins today", "Thanks Tom for showing your new Giga Berlin Coins" and in another discover job "Thanks Melli for showing your fine collection". Thus I've several jobs with multiple tracking codes and different log texts to run.
Unfortunately I sometimes used the wrong date. Not bad but not beautiful either.

So the behavior of would be fine (as option).

Of course this functionality does not have to be implemented on the web server. It is also completely okay if this happens with a cookie or otherwise locally in the browser.
in Feature requests by Onkel Benny (3.6k points)

1 Answer

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After reading this one a few nights ago, it reminded me that I had a bunch of trackable pictures to log.

When I was reviewing the photos on google photos, I was recording the date (once) and then all the trackables from that date.  I'd then reference my past "attended" logs to work out which event I had attended on that date.  In this way, every time the time changed, the log narrative also changed.

So for my workflow, this enhancement request would not be of any value to me.
Considering all the other backlog enhancements, I think this one should be a lower priority.
by TravelingGeek (1.2k points)
Thanks for your answer.

As written in my question, I don't discover all coins of an event in one single job. I would like to honor each coin collector's collection individually. So I've to select the same date for each job. If I forget it, the wrong date is logged.
As already written, I discover sometimes a few months later...

Of course this feature (standard behavior of has low priority for all those, logging 1000 TB at once without individual appreciation of that trackables.