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Incorrect "Profile stats" (lab geocaches)

0 votes

I recently noticed that my "Profile stats" is incorrectly showing that I found 20 lab geocaches. 10 of them are lab geocaches, another 10 are non-lab geocaches and should be counted as "finds".

Best regards.
asked Dec 20, 2019 in Bug reports by kozorog (160 points)
i would be really happy if normal finds turned into lab caches.... ;)

1 Answer

+2 votes
Your profile claims that you have found 20 lab caches as well. If you have any caches that you feel are listed incorrectly, please give the GC codes for a couple of them.
answered Dec 20, 2019 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,790 points)
Now it is clear for me. Everything is OK. Each location of  Adventure Lab GC is also one LAB find.