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+2 votes

Je m'étonne depuis toujours d'avoir moins de photos comptabilisées pour le badge Shutterbug que le nombre de photos que j'ai publiées. Actuellement j'ai 655 photos enregistrées dans ma galerie, mais seulement 451 comptées pour le challenge.

Est-ce normal? Y a t-il une explication?

Par avance merci

I have always been amazed to have fewer photos counted for the Shutterbug badge than the number of photos I have published. Currently I have 655 photos saved in my gallery, but only 451 counted for the challenge.

Is this normal? Is there an explanation?

Thank you in advance
in Support and help by Julien-Q- (240 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes

Exactly this is covered in the following FAQ:

My number of photos differs between, Top most log images, and Badgegen's The Shutterbug.

That's because they are showing different data. shows a summary of all photos uploaded to Geocaches, Geocache logs (all types) and Trackables.

Top most log images is based on photos uploaded to Geocache logs, of any type. Not photos uploaded directly to the Geocache (available to the cache owner only), and not photos uploaded to Trackables.

BadgeGen's The Shutterbug is limited to Found logs only (and equivalent). This is based on the actual rule behind the Badge.

Please, try to use FAQ or search before asking a question.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
Thanks a lot for your answers. This is surely that, because I have published many photos of TB.

Sorry for not using the FAQ. I searched a little but I did not quite understand how it worked, it was the first time that I used this section.
+1 vote

only photos in found-logs count for the shutterbug badge. Photos in DNF-logs or trackable-logs don't count.

Maybe this is the reason for the difference.

by Joker96 (2.3k points)
Thanks a lot for your answers. This is surely that, because I have published many photos of TB.