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Need a TOOL to check Attribute DT Grid

0 votes

Under the TOOLS heading we have "Others" - Needed Found Dates. We can sort by Cache location, Cache type/size, Difficulty/Terrain, Attribute required, and Loop.

Can we get a TOOL created for checking DT Grid with sort by Cache location, Cache type/size, Attribute required, and Loop?

asked Jan 10 in Feature requests by 8Nuts MotherGoose (240 points)

2 Answers

0 votes


have you checked that you can add all the filters also in the D/T Matrix

Attributes is missin in that filter. But you can see what Attribute you need in your overview. And then search for caches with this special attribute.

answered Jan 10 by supertwinfan (14,210 points)
0 votes

For Attribute DT Grid, you need a paid membership on PGC. It is possible to use the MapMatrix as supertinfan suggested, but you can also use Custom Filter, which allows you to filter by attribute.

answered Jan 10 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
I have a paid membership. The D/T Matrix shows how many loops I have, what squares I'm missing for the next loop, and cache suggestions to help complete the next loop.
I'm trying to do a search to see which squares of a D/T Matrix I'm missing for Attribute - Bicycle, or for Attribute - Kids, or for any other single Attribute.
When I do a search for "Needed Found Dates", I can sort by a single Attribute and it shows which days I have 0 finds for that Attribute. I want to see a D/T Matrix that shows which squares I have 0 finds for that Attribute.
The Custom Filter for Attribute - Bicycle only sorts out those suggested caches that contain the Bicycle Attribute. It doesn't show what squares I'm missing.