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+1 vote
I am thinking of a challenge where you need a certain amount of geocaches with only numbers in their gc codes. Think it could attract different kind of geocachers as it applies to 2-5 numbered gc codes.
in Miscellaneous by Seiers (130 points)
There were a few challenges like this before the moratorium (2015) - but with the new guidelines this idea is no longer allowed - but there may still be a few of the older grandfathered challenges that had this concept for the challenge
Apart from the fact that this challenge is no longer allowed, this is the wrong place to request a checker (hence the "OBSOLETE" in the category name). Checker requests should be made at

1 Answer

+3 votes

You won't be able to publish such a challenge since GC codes are not a valid source of challenge criteria as per the challenge cache guidelines (

by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (161k points)