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Persisting map compare queries

+1 vote
I usually spend considerable effort to define Map Compare queries with various filters configured in a specific way. I would like to have a way to save those queries under a name such that I can load the query at a later time into the Map Compare form, where I want to be ablo to modify certain fields such as date/time, before I then rerun the query.
asked Jan 15 in Feature requests by hxdimpf (290 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
All the parameters of your search are passed along in the URL, so if you make a search that you want to keep you can bookmark it in your web browser.
answered Jan 15 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (145,290 points)
Thank you very much for highlighting what I would consider a workaround or perhaps a circumvention for missing functionality.

Clicking on the saved bookmark immediately submits the OLD query to your servers, which has to be carried out by your servers again. This costs you time and resources and the results are most certainly not what I was looking for as I would want to modify certain filter settings BEFORE that query gets executed.

I would need a way to land in the entry form with the old data pre-filled in and the possibility to change certain filering parameters and THEN submit the query.

If you're telling me that this isn't possible, I can for sure live with the circumvention you mentioned. It is just not an ideal solution.
Once you've re-submitted the query, going to the main Map Compare page (where you enter the filters) will pre-fill it.