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When I look at my finds by month hidden, I can see the #1 in the square for 2006 / July.  I need to identify that cache for a challenge.  When I do a search, it defaults to "unfound" caches to help me fill in the calendar. But I'd like to search "found" caches for a specific date. Is that possible?
in Support and help by chaosinmotion (190 points)

4 Answers

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It’s GCWZE9 "ODS: Snoogans 25: Scrudder".

How to find that?

Use Map Compare. Put your username in "Profile name". Leave "compare with" blank. Don’t choose any "Cache location" (or empty it if it is preset with your home country).

Choose only "Show: one found", i.e. deselect "show: none found", otherwise you will get an overflow.

Add filters: "show: disabled" and "show: archived" as well as "Hidden from 1.7.2006 to 31.7.2006".

Run the search by clicking on "Filter". You will get a map and a list beneath, which will look empty until you click on the tab "chaosinmotion found".

Hope that helps.

Here is the link:

by k+gw+a (12.6k points)
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Or in Geocaching site (another way) and this works if you know what type of cache it was  - trad, multi etc. (though not to hard to search through them)
go to your Stat bar - click on the stats box - then there click on the geocaches tab and then click on the type (try trad first)  - the list has placed by and found by columns - these can be toggled - so if you do this on the placed by column (usually click twice to get the oldest first) then scroll the list 
If this wasnt a trad - do the same for multis etc etc 
I found the same cache as mentioned above for July 2006  (ODS: Snoogans 25: Scrudderon the second page of the trads list once it had been toggled :-) - took 30 seconds to get there.

by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
0 votes
Or in

In the top corner click your name, on the left select logs, in the calendar select the date required.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.0k points)
Wouldn’t that show the caches found by you on that date but not the ones hidden during a certain period?
That would be a lot of clicking through each and every month from 2020 down to 2006 ...
0 votes
You might also just lauched a jasmer challenge checker which will provide you the 1st cache found for each mounth (this however provide only the 1st cache found so if you have several cache in the box, you only get one)
by Xitaclan (150 points)