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+1 vote
I would like to remove lab caches from the milestones (100th 1000th ....) but leave them in other statistics.

I this possible? on I can edit the milestone caches.
in Feature requests by Camelopardalis (490 points)
Isn't this how it works now? My lab caches are already subtracted for milestone purposes. I don't want them to be, but they are.

1 Answer

–2 votes
Yes, it is possible. I am lazy to do this to confirm, but there is possibility to insert bookmark list with your milestones
Profile stats > Settings > Custom cache lists, insert link to bookmark, choose add list to milestones. Save.
by TominoTO (2.2k points)
I don't think this removes lab caches from the stats, but adds another list of caches, which will show up in the milestones tab.
Exactly. It adds another list that is also your milestones but as you want them, but it does not remove the normal milestones listing. As of now, there is no way of adjusting them, and the API does not give enough information to list caches strictly in the order that they were logged (lab caches have timestamps but regular logs don't, just log IDs).