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The event host misisng CITO addon [closed]

+1 vote
I hosted a CITO but there is no add on the new Bagde.
closed with the note: i got the answer
asked Feb 3 in Bug reports by Ainka-in-love (350 points)
closed May 21 by Ainka-in-love

3 Answers

0 votes
I hosted 3 events and 2 CITO events. It is counting together to the badge The Event Host. I have 5 points total - platinum level. It is no need to split it into two badges. This is just good.
answered Feb 3 by hynous (2,970 points)
+3 votes
Maybe I did not understand your question correctly first time. I think all addons are visible only for badges at ruby or higher level. If you have only bronze, silver, gold or platinum, it will not appear.
answered Feb 3 by hynous (2,970 points)
I can confirm, Ruby is needed to unlock the Addons.
(currently working on the documentation)
The only exception is addon for old virtual cache. This one requires diamond level.
@hynous Not really, but yet, in a way. To get the old-virtual-addon, one has to find the amount that's required for Diamond (180). It's impossible to find 180 old Virtuals without having/getting Diamond.
+2 votes
Hosting a CITO should give you the addon (at least it's in the file) on Event Host.
Two possible reasons: either not yet implemented, or the Event Host Badge is not yet Ruby.
answered Feb 4 by clappy (9,770 points)