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Challenge checker different from stats

0 votes
I recently passed 10,000 finds (10,022), however, when I apply the Challenge Checker to a couple of caches for "10,000 Finds", it shows that I only have 9,989 finds, and therefor don't qualify.

What is causing this difference? Lab caches, etc. are included in my overall total.
asked Feb 4 in Support and help by oppie3292 (280 points)

1 Answer

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The math matches -- you have 10022 caches including 33 lab caches. This is 9989 normal caches. The challenge checkers were created before anything about lab caches was available in PGC so they are not accounted for in the checker scripts as far as I know.
answered Feb 4 by Jakuje (Moderator) (101,630 points)
selected Feb 4 by oppie3292
Thank You. That makes sense.
So I just don't mention "PGC verifies my qualification" in my log and rely solely on my stats page.
I think it should work for most of the owners, unless they would explicitly state that they should exclude lab caches. Or just way couple more days to find missing 11 caches :)