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Shutterbug badge change

0 votes

Possibly related to this query. My old badgegen had me at 447 images uploaded, though my new badge shows me at 482. Any reason for this?

asked Feb 5 in Support and help by Optimist on the run (Expert) (17,790 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
Best answer

I assume this is a change in the definition of the badge. The new says "Awarded based on number of photos uploaded to logs.", but the old one was using only the found logs (according to FAQ): "BadgeGen's 'The Shutterbug' is limited to Found logs only (and equivalent). This is based on the actual rule behind the Badge.".

answered Feb 5 by Jakuje (Moderator) (103,300 points)
selected Feb 6 by Optimist on the run (Expert)