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Why are there so many regions and counties in african states when there are so less caches?

–1 vote
For example in Chad there are 18 regions and 53 counties but only 2 caches...

It would be better to get the diamond Batch of chad when you find one of these caches and not find a cache in all regions. This is not possible...
asked Feb 6 in Miscellaneous by tobi08091990 (290 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Well, the world does not revolve around geocaching (sadly :D).

If a country has 18 regions and 53 counties, then that's it. Badges aren't changed for every single country it is based on percentages. Maybe there will be more caches in the future, maybe not. New Zealand only has 2 regions, which makes it pretty easy to reach Diaomond.
answered Feb 6 by clappy (9,770 points)
well that answer makes no sence. for example look at mongolia there are 436 Caches all over the country. Mongolia has 20 regions. But here in project-gc it has 0 regions and 0 counties...

almost all african states have many regions but almost no caches.
other states have many caches and actually many regions, but not a single region here.
To my knowledge PGC takes its information on regions and counties from OSM. If these lower administrative units are not mapped in OSM PGC does not use them either. But in principle PGC is trying to correctly reflect regions and (if applicable) counties. If there are really countries where this information is available in OSM but this is not reflected in PGC it would probably be useful to signal these specific cases.
okay yes that makes sense. Thanks for the Answer.
That is exactly correct. There may be cases where OSM has data now for countries that we don't have regions for. We don't constantly refresh OSM for all countries, so if you find a country like that: send a note to our support and we'll fix it!