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Yesterday, I logged a LabCache in the morning in Brussels (Belgium). Since I am currently doing a streak, the purpose of that cache was logging it on February 8th. After logging it, I checked the GC-site, and saw the cache was dated on February 7th. It seems Seattle-time is used indeed. The strange thing however is, when I checked my LabCache founds on the Labs-page ( the cache is dated on February 8th. So Groundspeak seems to have the right date, but on the website another date is used. On Project-GC, the 'real' found date is used (February 8th), which now leads to the situation that the calendars on and Project-GC have different numbers on these dates. This very confusing I think...Probably not something PGC can solve, but it seems it's best to take Seattle time into account when logging Labs, otherwise both calendars will not show the same numbers of caches for these dates anymore...

in Miscellaneous by CaracalShan (1.5k points)

1 Answer

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I think treat time zones inconsistently between the web site and the API. Also note that while lab cache finds count toward your streak in statistics and on the Profile Statistics page on Project-GC, the are not included in any of the Project-GC top lists (including Top Streaks).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (157k points)
Thanks for your reply! Pretty strange that uses two timezones for this type... I'm only planning a 1-year streak, so no problem if it's not included in the top lists. It would be nice if Labs were incorporated in everything (including challenge-checkers) in the future though, since they seem to become an integral part of geocaching now.
They may well be becoming integral - but all the while you get sites like Facebook, geocachingTB spoiler now giving out codes for adventure labs, and neither the CO nor HQ being able to delete spurious logs - they become an irrelevant statistic
I guess that's the same for Earths and Virtuals as well, all those that don't require a picture can be logged from home if you have the right answers...
**if** you have the right answers - also as an EC owner I can usually tell if the logger is spurious or not - and the CO can still delete logs on ECs and Virtuals
But a CO can not delete logs on Adventure Labs
Yes, for me it's currently 11am.  Before that and it's yesterday.
I had the same issue with the Caching phone app - which is why I use Cachly which uses the right time.  I think it's lazy coding by GCHQ where they just apply the time in Seattle to all logs via their apps, rather than take the time from the phone.

But you can alter the date on a non-Lab Cache, so it's not as annoying.
You think you have it bad? If I want to have an Adventure Lab found on the correct day (IE the day I actually find it) I have a 3 hour window of opportunity. If I find one before 9pm then it gets recorded as the previous day!

I submitted a report about this problem back in November last year to Groundspeak, and still nothing has been done. I wouldn't expect a resolution any time soon!