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Cache Type Specific Finds by Found Date

+2 votes
So with the new badge gen badges there is an add on for finding the cache types on all 366 days of the year (i.e. Traditional every day, multi every day, mystery every day, etc.). Is there a way to get the finds by found date tool to show specific cache types to assist in the earning of these badge add-ons?
asked Feb 14 in Support and help by Geokid12 (1,010 points)
recategorized Feb 14 by Geokid12

2 Answers

–1 vote

I suggest to move this question to "feature requests".

edit: Only for paying project-gc members, sorry didn't know it and tought that there isn't a solution, becaus nobody else answered for hours ...

answered Feb 14 by Onkel Benny (3,120 points)
edited Feb 14 by Onkel Benny
It has been moved to feature request, thank you for your input!
+2 votes
Best answer
Under Tools > Other > Needed Found Dates , add a filter to select the cache type, add your profile name and click Filter. This will show you the needed dates to get the 366 addon for any given cache type.

To use this facility you need to be a paying member of PGC.
answered Feb 14 by the Seagnoid (Expert) (40,980 points)
selected Feb 14 by Geokid12