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+1 vote
I see the newest badges on Chromium on my laptop but not on internet explorer on my laptop or chrome on my smartphone. Any ideas?
in Support and help by jcoxy (160 points)
Internet Explorer? Really?
Just a suggestion, and not specifically related to this query, but do yourself a favour and ditch IE for any other Web Browser. You'll thank yourself later :)
TwigNZ - your comment is not helpful, and any other browser would exhibit the same problem.
Well he states that he can see it using Chrome, but not IE so I'm not sure the "any browser would exhibit the same problem" comment is accurate.
And whilst my comment relating to IE doesn't directly answer the original query, I see it as the digital equivalent of telling someone their flies are undone - a kindness meant as such :)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Try deleting the web cache. This can be found in the same area as deleting history or cookies.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.1k points)
On the laptop try alt-F5
0 votes
New badges are beta.
Change twice at the moment, because there are new and othrer change. A lot of probles are experimented now.
We must to wait time and I hope that changed finished because change the points.
For example I was rubi, up to zafiro and now down to platinum.
I hope finished already.
by Ariberna (1.6k points)