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GC5D9 is missing from placed by month finder

0 votes
Hi,  I've been using the "Hidden Month" feature to find caches to meet the Jasmer challenge.  Interestingly, I cannot get GC5D9 to appear when searching the entire year of 2001 in Kansas.  Is this a bug?  Thanks!  -P98
asked Dec 26, 2014 in Bug reports by P98 (310 points)
edited Dec 30, 2014 by P98

2 Answers

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"searching the entire year of 2001 in Kansas"

When I do a seach on P98 I get:

I had only 6 finds
gccode visitdate  cache_name
GC729  2013-02-10 Aviary at Arboretum
GC715  2013-02-10 Arboretum One
GC716  2013-02-10 Arboretum Two
GCC97  2014-05-26 Office Cache
GCE3C  2014-06-01 Stonewall Cache
GC291A 2014-09-23 Raiders of the Lost Bark
When I do a seach on another cacher I get
I made it with 45 finds 
gccode visitdate  cache_name
GC8DB  2007-05-29 Sunny Side Up
GC291A 2007-06-10 Raiders of the Lost Bark
GC577  2007-06-10 Shawnee Mission Park #1
GC127C 2007-06-16 Navy Park
GC5D9  2007-06-22 Shawnee Mission Park #2
GC20EC 2007-06-24 I Couldn't Resist
GC290F 2007-06-29 Minard #3

So the sytem detects the cache.

answered Dec 26, 2014 by vogelbird (Expert) (50,860 points)
0 votes
It appears that the Hidden Month tool automatically customizes the list to only include caches in the months where I have not found a cache.
answered Dec 30, 2014 by P98 (310 points)