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+1 vote
Just logged on and discovered that where I had 4 Diamond, 4 Sapphire and 2 Ruby level badges only a couple of days ago, I now only have 3 Sapphire ones and the rest are unchanged.

I've gone through all the badges and can't see any shifted qualification levels that would account for this so have to conclude that a whole Badge has been deleted.

Without a comprehensive list of what used to be available, and what has recently been changed has anyone else lost a badge?

Cheers for any insight
in Support and help by TwigNZ (4.7k points)
I noticed I had 45 as well, whereas a few days ago I had 46. I looked into it, and it seems the Badge 'The Cache owner' has changed as well (although it is stated as 'unchanged' in another topic). For that Badge, now only hides are taken into account, events are not included in the total anymore (neither are LabCaches included, but that has other reasons I read somewhere).

3 Answers

+2 votes
Maybe the difference is due to changed requirements for the Jasmer badge.
by cezanne (190 points)
I'm at Gold now for the Jasmer, so that would have had to be a heck of an adjustment to drop me down 3 levels in one hit! But as It's a new Badge in the first place I guess that's possible.
Actually, the levels for the Jasmer have been changed substantially. Originally when the badge got introduced in V4, I was at Emerald level which I considered to be pretty stupid as I only have 216 months and almost all precious ones are missing (never worked on Jasmer). Now I'm at platinum which is much more reasonable.  A change from sapphire to gold seems about the same step downwards than in my case. So that even backs up my guess.
Thank you for your comment. That makes sense, and would certainly account for my disappearing gemstone.
Having just used the Map Hidden Month tool, I have discovered that if I managed to fill every single month available to me in the North Island of New Zealand, I still wouldn't be able to get the Ruby Gemstone!
Obviously I will have to travel to get some more. Luckily I am doing some travel later this year, and now I know I will have to pay particular attention to working on my Jasmer whilst I'm away.
+2 votes

From an answer I got in another thread apparently the Jasmer gem badges will automatically change as more months accumulate.  You will have to keep caching to maintain your level.  But that won't help affect you this much yet.

There is a chart in this thread:
that shows what badges have changed and how.

by Gatherer Hade (260 points)
There are currently 46 badges available (as have been since the new version).
The Coin and Trackables were merged into one.

How many Emeralds do and did you have (since "losing" one Sapphire by gaining a level would mean gaining an Emerald badge)?
I have zero Emerald level badges.
I only had the 10 (now 9) gem badges as outlined in my opening post. So the missing Sapphire one hasn't become a different gem, but has either been downgraded hugely or else disappeared altogether.
I almost need to take a daily screenshot of my badges etc to follow all the changes lol!
From my review of all the threads related to the badge upgrades, I do not believe they have eliminated any more except the ones already mentioned. A.P.E. is under consideration but that won't affect many people.  

I do know they are leveling/adjusting the award criteria on several to include the Diverse Cacher badge.  I know this because I keep bouncing back and forth between a Diamond and an Emerald like I'm on a see-saw.  Yes, it is annoying but I have come to realize that it will only be temporary while they finalize the upgrades so I will be patient.
0 votes
The two trackable badges were merged to one, at least.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (193k points)
I thought that happened a few days ago, as in not in the last 2 days?
I may be mistaken, but it's been a bit hard tracking all the rolling changes!