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+1 vote

Field Puzzle is not showing up in my Attributes section in Project-GC, but it's shown in a found cache back in December '19

What can I do? Thanx a lot.

in Bug reports by PortaLcachers (230 points)
Where is it not showing up for you? It's appears in

1 Answer

0 votes
Best answer

Are you talking about the attributes section of your profile stats? Because I can see 2 field puzzles listed there and you seem to have 2 found (that one plus GC8889T)

by sumbloke (Expert) (34.4k points)
selected by PortaLcachers
Now I see where my mistake was. I was searching for the positive attribute, where the negative one is the one we're missing yet.

Thanx a lot for pointing it out to us!