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+2 votes
I have the travelling cacher emerald badge - I have been awarded the LeapDay addon for it... only trouble is I have never (yet) found a cache on 29th Feb.

Also does it make sense to have this as an addon for the travelling cacher badge?  All caches must be in a country so anyone who finds any cache anywhere on 29th Feb will get this addon.  With other badges, you have to find a cache that meets a criteria on the 29th to get the addon.

in Bug reports by ianbutty (140 points)
I've got the same thing - I've got the addon, but only cached in the UK on leap day (in 2016 - I wasn't caching in Feb 2012)

2 Answers

+1 vote
The 'rule' for this addon is stated as follows on the wiki-page ( 'Log a Geocache on leap day in at least two different countries.' So 1 cache in 1 country should not be enough to earn the addon.

edit: I seem to have earned that addon already as well, although I have only found caches in 1 country the previous Leap Day...
by CaracalShan (1.6k points)
edited by CaracalShan
Yup, I have it and I haven't found any on a leap day.
+1 vote
Not that I am stalking you or anything, but I did pull up your profile and noticed your 29th caching day is as blank as mine something I plan to remedy this Saturday. I haven't cached in any other country so I can't verify since that badge is inactive for me.  

If it were me, I would definitely send out an email to the BadgGen upgrade team and ask them to look into it.  Hopefully one of the moderators or even the Admin will pick this up and forward to the people who are tweaking the code.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
I've seen you. ;)