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+1 vote
Maybe a stupid question, but why is the Wiki only in English?  Of course, most people can speak English, but there are also many people who do not know English or don't understand all small details. In my understanding, a Wiki is there to answer open questions. Maybe it can be translated (let it translate) again by using the crowdin platform?
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in Feature requests by smellfooth (3.8k points)
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2 Answers

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The wiki as such can operate in multiple language versions (like Wikipedia; it's the same wiki engine). We may activate other language versions later, but it's better to have a usable version in one language first instead of separately-growing versions in different languages.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (160k points)
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+1 vote
I spaek English, but not very good.

In the most cases it is a good possibility to translate a chapter with an automatic translation engine.
There are many online, search for "√úbersetzung Deutsch Englisch". I use them often (not in this post)

But I agree your post, a automatically translation of the whole Wiki would be great.
by El KarMa (320 points)
Even though machine translation works fine in your language, it does not mean it works the same for all the others. In some languages, it produces really hard to gasp sentences so I am strongly against machine translation. But as it was already pointed out, the wiki engine supports pages in different languages so as soon as it will stabilize a bit, people can start translate it to their languages as any other page on wikipedia.
O.K. that correct.
I know that automatic translation machine work well in english and german.
I have no experience in other languages, that correct.