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+2 votes
Is there a way to hide the archived caches from the forgotten favorites?
in Support and help by tobi08091990 (360 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
No, there is no way to do that. Why do you think archived caches and their owners do not deserve your favorite point? Related topic about removing favorite points (not only from archived caches):

Edit: One possibility to do that is to add all caches to VGPS (Paid membership required) and remove or filter out archived caches in there, but the concern why you should do it still persists.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
For me, favorite points are a sign to show other cachers that a cache is nice. So from my point of view there is no reason in awarding favorite points for caches that other cachers can no longer find.
No problem. But remember that it is not just your game and others might see the points in different light (as described in the linked QA).
Yes of course :)
I think everyone should do how they want to do it. I just prefer to give active caches a favi. I still have enough active caches that I would like to give a favi. But unfortunately I never have enough favis available ..
I asked myself that same question: why does an archived cache need FPs? But, after reading through the related thread, I have since changed my thoughts.

For me, the idea behind a FP was to reward not just the cache but also the owner for a job well done.  When I ran out of FPs, I had a dilemma: do I remove a FP from an archived cache to free it up so I can award it to the new active find?  Obviously, I won't consider doing that anymore but, instead, I will just get my butt out there and find more caches and award FPs as I get new ones.