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+1 vote
Hi Team,

I see that the amount mentioned at the cache owner badge is much lower now than it used to be on the old version of BadgeGen. From looking at the details, I gather that events I organised are no longer included as caches I own. Is there a plan to add the events again?

And on top of that, are lab caches that I created (going to be) included? I can't see that from the details yet.

Thank you!
in Miscellaneous by NLBokkie (3.3k points)

1 Answer

+4 votes
Events are included in the Event Host badge. They are no longer double-counted for the Cache Owner badge as well.

It would be nice to include lab cache hides but as of now we don't have access to that information via the APIs we have so it's not possible.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (193k points)
Ah, thanks for the swift answer, pinkunicorn. Personally I'm not too happy to see that events are no longer seen as caches in this respect (with 26 caches placed and 23 events organised you'll understand that I'm not content with the enormous drop). I understand the reasoning of the team about this. But would be interested to see how other owners think about this change.
Honestly: Being a Cache Owner and Event Host myself, it was sad to see dropping back from Ruby to Platinum.
But, I think it is a reasonable step. If there are two badges for hides and events, they should be counted as such.

Disclaimer: I wasn't involved in the decision :)
I also fell back a bit on the cache owner badge, having hosted 100+ events...
I'm a relative newbie, having hidden 20 caches and hosted 6 events so maybe my perspective is a bit more neutral as my badges were not directly affected by this change, but to me the change makes sense.
An event is not a cache. I'm not saying it is less valuable, but rather that it is a different kettle of fish altogether. An event does not require ongoing maintenance, nor can it be found at any time other than the date of the event itself.
Personally speaking, splitting Events and Caches out into two separate badges is a sensible idea.
I definitely think this is a good change as well, even though it affects my badges negatively.
I am also directly affected by these changes because I have been downgraded from diamond to emerald. Nevertheless I think these separation was a good idea.