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+4 votes
I'd love a new badge that evaluates your geocaching territory, based on this challenge checker:

Is this possible?
in Feature requests by pingurus (2.2k points)
Oh My - Took a minute to understand what this is, but I am now probably headed into a very dark alley, this is exactly the kind of challenge I love.
I have been trying to add the output from this checker to a virtual-gps using the map tool to highlight then add highlighted cache functionality... But it is not working.

I have done this with many other checkers that output a map - particularly 360 challenges...

Is something different about this checker? My idea was to create a virtual gps of all the edge caches, then export to csv and paste all the point coordinates into a KML creator with a 5 KM radius and then upload those edge points to Google Earth that will show caches with 5KM that will extend my territory and to identify areas where I cannot push any further at this time...
@diorex There is definitely something weird, and this has been working before. But it's not the code of the challenge checker causing it. All it's doing is asking Project-GC to create a map with a list of geocaches.
Found the issue, seems like it has never worked for Challenge checkers actually. The fix will be released next week.
An update - I can now add individual caches to the VGPS from the results pages, but I cannot use the select tool, draw a circle around them and then add all of them in one shot... I use this method to build lots of VGPS lists - odd that it would work on other maps but not this one...

1 Answer

+4 votes
Best answer

As the inventor of the idea behind that checker script I would love it. But I believe there are two issues:

  1. It's a bit too resource heavy to calculate.
  2. It would be hard to explain and/or show a representation of.
Personally I would prefer a badge based on the trail concept described in this Challenge:
But it's the same there, it's a bit too resource heavy to actually use on a more global scale. Also, it would be very hard to define reasonable parameters for the badge (max distance between finds).
by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
selected by pingurus
I think this is a great challenge for seasoned cachers - few have concentrated on something like this, but it is a get out and explore some new areas type of challenge.

I cant comment on the resources required, but I would say that you have the opportunity to standardize the data since the only people really seeing it at this point are in the forums.

I played around with a number of different checkers and distances and found that I liked these the best:

5KM perimeter encircling an area - far enough apart that it does not require a huge cache density outside of cities, but close enough that it just does not build on its own unless you are a prolific cacher.

20KM chains - again not so close that highways would be impossible to chain, but also far enough that it would be a good road trip type challenge to cache your way to a destination.

I have been actively planning on extending both of these challenges since I learned about them.

If you were to add them under the tools section and standardize the distances (as opposed to allowing other checker writers to introduce many variations - which is a nightmare) I think this would catch on with many cachers as a new way to explore their home area.