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+10 votes
Really great IMHO.

Your actions have completely changed my plans for February 29th.  I was going to go to one event and call that a good day.  Now it looks like I am going to go for a letterbox, Earthcache, Large container, Mystery cache, Wherigo, webcam, and a multicache IN ADDITION to making it back for the 11:00 a.m. event.

You all are a great asset to the geocaching community. Thanks for all you do.
in Miscellaneous by gsmX2 (220 points)
I have done the same and after this Saturday, I will have 16+ new leap day add-ons.   Unfortunately, a couple of them will not be seen until I level up to gemstone but the groundwork is laid.  There is no way I can get the Diverse or 366 but that will be in the bucket list for the next leap day.
Will do the same. So I already did my plan for the leap day and will start with the Mega GC7TKKG Project Geocaching meets Beethoven. Just check if I get a 10 different cachetypes. As the locationless is also here, it could be possibla as I do not have a webcam nearby (anymore)
@supertwinfan: without webcam, 11 are possible: Trad, Multi, Mystery, Wherigo, Letterbox, Virtual (if haven't done both in Bonn), Event, MEGA, Earthcache, Locationless, Labcache

PS: Viele Grüße von der anderen Rheinseite ;) Man sieht sich!
We are inspired too, and hope to find 9 types (including events and Adventure Labs) plus all 7 sizes (which will also qualify us for a challenge).

1 Answer

+6 votes
Just don't send us the car's fuel bill. :)
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
Awe shucks talk about a disappointment that I can't send you my fuel bill.  No worries, it's all good.

In fact, I'm inspired to become more involved.