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+1 vote

Different number of photos against BadgeGen

in Bug reports by rendystod (1.5k points)
What do you mean. I found you have 777 photos within you geocaching profile uploaded. BadgeGen shows 777 photos in the shutterbug Badge.

1 Answer

+2 votes
What is the question?

Do you mean that the numbers in the "requirements table" does not match the ones under the badge?
Currently it is: B-50, S-75, G-150, P-250, R-500, Sa-750, E-1500, D-2500, loops: 9

Might be, that it has not yet been updated on the wiki, I will update this in a few minutes.

Edit: I updated the wiki page.
by clappy (15.5k points)
edited by clappy
Thank you, it's okay now.