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+2 votes

Is it technically possible to add an overview map for Lab-Caches in ProjectGC? In the statistics the Lab-Cache-Finds of a user are also displayed.
I do not mean the physical locations of the lab caches, only the "Geocache Adventures" flags, as shown in the screenshot.
It would be a great thing, because you can plan your tour better.
And you rarely look at the app when you search for "real" Caches laugh


in Feature requests by zoRRo-CE (670 points)

Of course it would also be a nice feature for the Geocaching App. If there the flags would be displayed and then refer to the "Geocaching Adventures App".
But of course this has nothing to do with ProjectGC angel

1 Answer

0 votes
The only data we have is a unique ID and the name of the Labcache. Nothing else.

Short answer: No, it's not possible.
by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)