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Could a second APE Addon be added?

0 votes
Right now you earn the APE addon to your Geocacher badge with one find of an APE cache.  Could a second flavor of addon be created signifying 2 or more APE cache finds?
asked Mar 3 in Feature requests by DrPflug (650 points)
Dont forget that some people have found more than two Project APE caches.

Not sure I would want this - it would then result in requests for counts added to other addons. Can the number of CITOs be added to event badges? Number of FTFs or Feb29s be added to type and size badges? I think this is going too for for such a tiny icon.
Also, I should point out - BadgeGen does not provide a badge or indicator for every cache type possible. For counts for those go to the user's profile or Project-GC stats.
I think I agree. With you.  I was just putting it out there in response to some complaints I saw.  Thanks for the reply.

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