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Like I'm sure many others I'm planning a trip to the US later this year for the 20 years of geocaching events. I'm trying to use the live map to filter out caches that I want to see but it isn't returning any caches. Is there something that stops this working in the US because I live in Australia?

I want to use the live map as it allows me to filter on things such as altitude.

This is the hyperlink for the blank map for me -,240.40009;z=11

in Bug reports by Big Matt and Shell (130 points)

1 Answer

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Strange. I followed your link, reset all my filters and: nothing happened. I did not see a cache. Even after zooming out and in, moving around the map.

Then I went to my home coords and caches were back. I went back to Yosemite and then the caches showed up, too. I followed the link a second time - no caches. used the little magnifying glass to jump to another location, caches are there, jumped back to Yosemite Valley, caches are there. Something seems to be off.
by clappy (14.5k points)